Should we or should we not use kraft paper boxes?

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Should we or should we not use kraft paper boxes?

Should we or should we not use kraft paper boxes? This seems to be a question for many people still. Therefore, in this article, let’s explore the answer with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging!

How are kraft paper boxes produced and printed?

Nowadays, packaging and paper boxes for cakes, tea, coffee, wine, shoes, etc., often use kraft paper to diversify designs and contain heavy products.

When choosing to use paper packaging or paper boxes, you will:

  • Receive free design advice on the box’s design and size to suit the product and meet the maximum demand or marketing program.
  • Use kraft paper with a weight of 150gsm to 300gsm.
  • Use offset printing technology with 1 color or 4 colors.
  • Carry out processing such as laminating, matte coating, foiling, laser cutting, lining the box, and embossing the logo to enhance the aesthetic value of the paper box.

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Should we use kraft paper boxes?

To find the answer to whether or not to use kraft paper boxes, let’s explore the advantages of this type of product packaging.

  • Made from natural wood, product boxes made from kraft paper do not contain chemicals and are safe for users’ health.
  • In addition, using paper boxes or packaging made from kraft paper helps us protect the environment. This product, like plastic nylon packaging, can be easily recycled and quickly decomposes without harming the environment.
  • Storing food in kraft paper packaging will limit the negative impact of bacteria and mold that can cause illness. It even helps preserve food and maintain the essential nutrients of the food.
  • Kraft paper boxes have a brownish-yellow color similar to wood, providing users an exceptional classic elegance.
  • The production cost of kraft paper packaging and boxes is much cheaper than other materials. The paper’s smooth surface makes it much easier to print brand logos or business information.
  • As a result, promoting the brand and running marketing campaigns will become more convenient and cost-effective than ever.

With the advantages and benefits of kraft paper boxes, you probably already know whether to use boxes made from kraft paper. The next important thing is to find a reputable and quality printing and manufacturing company for kraft paper boxes.

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Why should you choose Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging?

Currently, there are many printing and paper packaging production services providers, so why should you choose Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging?

  • Firstly, we are a leading company specializing in designing, printing, and producing paper packaging for businesses of all sizes across the country. With extensive experience, we will quickly grasp and maximize customers’ needs.
  • Secondly, we have a system of modern machinery, equipment, and printing technology that can meet the production needs of large volumes in a short time while still ensuring high quality in design, color, etc.
  • Thirdly, we always provide services at competitive prices, quickly and attentively!

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