Standards for Choosing Paper Bag Packaging – Paper Boxes bì giấy hoàng vương-Quy Chuẩn Lựa Chọn Bao Bì Túi Giấy - Hộp Giấy

Standards for Choosing Paper Bag Packaging – Paper Boxes

Paper boxes come in various designs, from patterns and images to sizes and layers of paper. Therefore, depending on the intended use, choose the most suitable type for the product to avoid wasting investment resources.

Thanks to their characteristics in packaging and transporting goods, paper packaging, especially paper boxes, has shown their position in the packaging industry in particular and all other products in general. Almost any product requires them. However, many companies on the market produce and print low-quality, cheap paper packaging, from durability to printing, which reduces the value of the product it contains. Therefore, choosing a quality range of paper bags – paper boxes is always a matter of concern for businesses and consumers. Here are some suggestions to make it easier for you to choose paper boxes. bì giấy hoàng vương-Quy Chuẩn Lựa Chọn Bao Bì Túi Giấy - Hộp Giấy

Choosing packaging based on usage purposes

Typically, each type of paper bag and paper box consists of the outer layer and the intermediate layer. The outer layer is smooth and shiny, preventing water penetration, mitigating pressure, and facilitating printing… The middle layer is corrugated and reduces the impact force when it collides. bì giấy hoàng vương-Quy Chuẩn Lựa Chọn Bao Bì Túi Giấy - Hộp Giấy

Choosing paper boxes based on production materials

Raw materials for making paper bags and paper boxes are entirely taken from nature from various sources such as wood, sawdust, and recycled paper…

Therefore, the quality of each type of paper box will also differ. In addition, the image design on the box is printed with different technologies depending on the process and machinery the paper box manufacturing company chooses.

To choose a high-quality yet affordable paper box, it is necessary to research the origin of production and the company’s credibility. bì giấy hoàng vương-Quy Chuẩn Lựa Chọn Bao Bì Túi Giấy - Hộp Giấy

The brand image of the business

A good paper box cannot overlook the image and message the business wants to send customers through the product. Considering whether to print one or many colors, the printing technique and the placement of logos and product images with new and unique design templates help differentiate the product from other competitors in the market. Therefore, when collaborating with any company that produces paper packaging, or paper boxes, you also need to pay attention to the printing technique on the paper box, whether it meets the quality standard. How durable are they? To ensure that what the business wants to express is successfully achieved at the optimal level. bì giấy hoàng vương-Quy Chuẩn Lựa Chọn Bao Bì Túi Giấy - Hộp Giấy

Quality standards for a paper box

The quality of the paper used determines 70% of the quality of a paper box, so the paper used to produce the paper box must meet the following requirements:

Basis weight (g/m2)

Thickness (mm)

Specific gravity (g/cm3)

Cobb water absorption on the top surface (g/m2)

Folding endurance in the horizontal direction (double)

Stiffness in the vertical direction (

Tear length (m)

Bursting strength (kgf/cm2)

Tensile crush strength

Ring crush strength (kgf/6inch)

ISO brightness (%)

Moisture content (%) bì giấy hoàng vương-Quy Chuẩn Lựa Chọn Bao Bì Túi Giấy - Hộp Giấy

Choosing a high-quality, affordable paper box manufacturer will help businesses save a lot of costs in transporting goods and marketing their brands to consumers quickly, bringing a high position in the market.


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