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What is digital printing?

ảnh in kỹ thuật số

What is digital printing? Hopcungcaocap – Digital printing technology is a significant turning point for the printing industry. This printing technology is increasingly developing and spreading to many regions and countries worldwide, including Vietnam. So what is digital printing? What are its advantages and processes? Let’s find out with Hoang Vuong paper packaging company! What is digital printing? Digital…

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Forecast of 5 label printing trends in 2023

Chọn công ty in ấn như thế nào?

Forecast of 5 label printing trends in 2023 Label printing has become a dominant trend, with over a third of the total product value being created entirely digitally or in combination. Digitization is a major trend driven by brands and retailers who expect label production processes to be more flexible and able to respond well to rapidly changing models….

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