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Printing service for product packaging - bao bì carton

Printing service for product packaging Hopcungcaocap – Do you agree with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging that the initial impression of product packaging plays an important role, affecting 50% of the purchasing decisions of potential customers? A good quality product with a beautiful, eye-catching packaging design will win customers. So how do we design, print, and produce high-quality product packaging…

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Brand Identity Design Process

Thiết kế bộ nhận diện thương hiệu

Brand Identity Design Process Designing a brand identity is not an easy task! It requires the designer to have good creative thinking, design experience, and, most importantly, an understanding of the brand’s value. From there, a sophisticated design is created that fully conveys the meaning and message of the brand or business. In this article, let’s explore the design…

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