Tet Gift Box 2019 – Expressing the Unspoken!

Hộp quà tết cao cấp 2019

Tet Gift Box 2019 – Expressing the Unspoken!

Tet – the day when those who live far away from home are excited to return when everyone gives each other wishes, gifts, and the best of everything! It is an opportunity to show love, gratitude, and hope for a new year full of happiness and prosperity. In addition to words, Tet gift boxes are a symbolic and meaningful way for people to express themselves. This is also the spirit of the Tet gift box 2019 that Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging wants to convey to our valued customers who have trusted and supported us!

Hộp quà Tết 2019

Meaning of Tet gifts

After a year of hard work and bustling in faraway places, Tet is when everyone wants to return home and gather with their families. A small gift, but it carries excellent meanings. It shows filial piety to grandparents, and parents and caring love to siblings. It wishes everyone a new year of peace, happiness, and good health. Therefore, people often choose Tet gift boxes with bright colors like yellow and red to bring good luck.

A luxurious and complete Tet gift box is also a symbol on the ancestral altar to remember grandparents and ancestors who have passed away, hoping everyone will gather with their children and grandchildren during the traditional Tet days. These are typical cultural features of Vietnamese people and need to be preserved.

Hộp quà tết

With friends, colleagues, and partners, a meaningful Tet gift will help relationships become stronger and more intimate. You don’t need to be too complicated; a Tet gift box will convey your wishes and help you send your best wishes to your partners, colleagues, and friends, wishing them a new year of safety, prosperity, and abundance. It could be a box of sweets, a bottle of wine, a body care product set, a tea box, etc. These are enough for everyone to sit together, eat cake, drink tea, chat about old stories, and plan for the new year.

Tet is also an occasion for former students to return to visit their school and teachers to express gratitude for what they have been taught. At this time, words and a meaningful Tet gift will express the warmth and sacredness of the teacher-student relationship. It is a wish for a new year of health, peace, and happiness to the teachers.

Address for designing and manufacturing premium 2019 Lunar New Year gift boxes.

With such high and beautiful meanings, everyone wants to buy a beautiful, luxurious, and meaningful Tet gift to give to others. This will take time to choose and carefully combine different items. Or, for each recipient, you need to select a gift with a suitable meaning. If you are still struggling with this issue, Hoang Vuong paper packaging will help you make it happen!

Hộp quà tết cao cấp

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging, with many years of experience designing and producing Tet gift boxes for individuals and businesses, will surely bring you the most satisfying products! Our gift boxes are created from sturdy carton materials, printed on high-quality Ivory and Duplex paper with advanced modern printing technology and large-capacity machinery. We are committed to bringing customers the most beautiful gift box products quickly.

Let Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging help you have meaningful and luxurious Tet gift boxes to send to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and partners in 2019!


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