The hottest gift box designs in 2019

hộp quà tặng cao cấp

The hottest gift box designs in 2019 – A gift becomes more formal and meaningful when presented in a high-end, luxurious, and beautiful box. That’s why gift boxes have become indispensable for expressing love and delivering messages from the giver to the receiver. Nowadays, many types of gift boxes are made from various materials, but the most outstanding and popular are still paper gift boxes with convenient, attractive, and highly aesthetic designs.

Types of paper used for gift boxes

Many types of materials are used to make gift boxes, but paper is still the most common and suitable material. We can choose different paper types to make gift boxes depending on the requirements. We often use high-quality paper materials for products with large weights and values to ensure stiffness and luxury when printing information and decorative patterns.

Below are some premium paper materials commonly used to make gift boxes:

  • Bristol paper: a type of paper with a glossy, smooth surface and good ink adhesion. Therefore, when offset printing on this type of paper, the ink will be sharp and beautiful. Bristol paper is often used to print cosmetic boxes and gift boxes weighing 230-350gsm.
  • Ivory paper: is also a type of paper with good quality; one side is glossy and smooth, the other is rough, and the rough side is often placed inside the box. Products printed on Ivory paper will have a firmer texture than different paper types. Therefore, this type of paper is often used to print packaging products that require stiffness and firmness.

Why use gift boxes?

A beautifully designed paper box not only serves the purpose of packaging, storing, and protecting the product but also enhances the aesthetic value and contributes to increasing the value of the gift inside. This is also a very effective marketing tool that exceptional brands pay special attention to.

Imagine giving a gift without a gift box; it would be plain and lacking elegance. The ancients used to say, “Giving is better than receiving.” Your gift may not be of great value, but careful packaging will show your sincerity. From there, the recipient will feel appreciated and cherish the gift even more.

That’s why designing and printing gift boxes is extremely important. You must choose a reputable, professional manufacturing unit with years of experience. You need to discuss your needs and production purposes in detail so that the unit can visualize and design the most suitable product.

High-end gift boxes made of premium paper

Many high-end gift box models on the market are beautiful and convenient. Here are some of the hottest models in 2019:

Pull-up high-end box:

hộp giấy kéo cao cấpYin-Yang high-end box: consisting of a lid and a body, with the lid able to print the company logo. People often laminate the rough paper and emboss gold, silver, or raised surfaces to enhance the aesthetics and luxury of the gift box.

hộp quà tặng cao cấp

Box with magnetic closure: a type of box with a magnet design on the lid, making it easy to open and close and ensuring product safety.

hộp giấy nam châm cao cấpLuxury folding box: a high-end, sophisticated box popular among customers. The box lid is divided into two halves and can be folded and opened easily, similar to a magnetic closure box.

hộp cao cấp hai nắp đậy

Above are some of the hottest gift box designs 2019 and popular paper types used to make gift boxes.

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