The most detailed guide for packaging goods!

đóng gói hàng hoá

The most detailed guide for packaging goods!

Hopcungcaocao – Packaging goods may seem simple and easy, but not everyone knows and understands this job correctly. In this article, let’s explore Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging, the definition of packaging goods, classification, specifications, requirements, and how to package some common types of goods!

Packaging – what is it?

Packaging, or packaging various types of goods, is a job that requires you to understand the characteristics, nature of the goods, storage conditions, transportation, and how to ensure proper packaging, safety, and high economic efficiency. Packaging helps you preserve goods and create favorable conditions for transport and reflects necessary information on the packaging, making it easier to consume and trade goods.

đóng gói hàng hoá

Classification of packaging for goods

Packaging used for packaging must ensure the safety of the product, be highly convenient, and be classified as follows:

  • According to function, we have types of packaging, such as inner and outer packaging. Internal packaging includes gift packaging, carry bags, spray packaging, easy-open packaging, .etc.
  • We have disposable and reusable packaging according to the number of uses.
  • According to the ability to withstand compression, we have rigid packaging and flexible packaging.
  • According to materials, we have wood, metal, paper, glass, and nylon packaging.

Packaging specifications for goods

In terms of packaging specifications, we have the following classification:

Packaging by-product unit for delivery to the end consumer.

Packaging by the group for cases where large quantities are purchased.

Packaging goods in warehouses for storage and preservation on shelves, pallets, and racks. At this point, the packaging must have a suitable size. The packaging warehouse must be well-ventilated, avoiding moisture, mold, or contamination from the outside.

Packaging goods for transportation will consider factors such as the distance of transportation, loading and unloading of goods, weather conditions of the environment, and according to specific standards.

Packaging methods for some common goods

Here are instructions on how to package some common goods for your reference:

Packaging electronic goods

For electronic goods such as computers, printers, and phones, foam, PE, PU, and PP must be used as padding. These padding pieces help to protect the product from damage and scratches during transportation.

Packaging fragile goods

We use air bubble wrap to wrap the product tightly for fragile goods. These air bubble wraps have good elasticity, helping to protect the product from damage or vibration during transportation.

Packaging bottles and containers with liquids

Packaging bottles or containers with liquids must be tightly sealed to prevent the liquid from leaking out, even if it is tilted or inverted. Suppose there are many bottles in a box. In that case, they must be separated by dividers or using materials with good elasticity, such as air bubble wrap, foam, pellets, etc., to fill in the gaps to avoid collisions and shifting.

nhãn bao bì đẹp

Packing method for cylindrical items

Items such as paintings, maps, and paper should be rolled up and placed in plastic pipes before in paper boxes.

Packaging for food products

For food products, there are many different packaging methods, and they are classified into:

  • Packaging with sealed packaging separates the food from the external environment to ensure that the food does not change in quality during storage.
  • Packed with open packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables, these are ready-to-use foods that do not need to be stored for long.
  • Using external wrapping to create a block of products, making transport and storage safe and convenient.

Those are all the information about product packaging that you need to know. If you have any needs for designing, printing, or manufacturing packaging for various types of products, please contact us:


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Packaging of goods

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