The process of designing paper boxes for cosmetics

Hộp giấy đựng mỹ phẩm

The process of designing paper boxes for cosmetics

To have a beautiful paper box for cosmetics, the designer must have a good sense of aesthetics, creativity, and an effective and clear working process. So how is the process of designing a paper box for cosmetics carried out? Let’s find out with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging in the article below.

1. Idea generation before design

The first step in the product packaging design process is to determine the potential target customers for the product you are designing the packaging for, specifically the paper box for cosmetics. Determining potential customers will help you shape the box’s design style, color, usage, and shape.

Next, determine the necessary standards in the design, including:

  • (1) Design style: depending on the age, gender of the users – potential customers, and brand orientation. Sometimes it is also influenced by the style of the designer. It can be minimalist, modern, luxurious, or eye-catching as long as it is suitable for the product and the sales direction of the business.
  • (2) Color: depending on the design style, product characteristics, and the brand’s dominant color. Among the countless cosmetic brands with beautiful and competitive packaging designs today, you must choose a genuinely suitable color tone that impresses customers. It must be the most characteristic tone in the color palette, attractive, harmonious, and consistent with the brand’s dominant color.
  • (3) Font: like color, it depends on the design style. Find a unique and suitable font that is still easy to read.
    You can also learn and refer to current cosmetic packaging design samples on the market to analyze and draw experiences for yourself.

You can research and refer to current paper packaging design samples for cosmetics on the market to analyze and learn from your experiences.

Hop giay dung my pham

The first thing in the product packaging design process is that you have to identify potential customers

2. Start designing paper boxes for cosmetics

After completing the ideation step and identifying the design style to be used, we will start designing. If you are not a designer, implement and share your ideas with the responsible design team or person so they can understand the design concept and go in the right direction. If you are a designer but not the one who came up with the idea, after receiving the idea, consider the color, font, and style carefully to design it appropriately.

Usually, a design is rarely satisfactory on the first try, and we will need to make some adjustments to meet the desired outcome. Consider whether this cosmetic paper box design is attractive. Can you tell what product it is by looking at the box? Is it easy to open and close? And does it duplicate recent designs from other companies?

After finalizing the design, a test print will be conducted to check for any differences between the design and the actual print. If no issues need to be adjusted, then we wait for mass production and let our cosmetic packaging boxes “make waves” in the market.

hộp đựng mỹ phẩm

We will start designing after completing the design concept and determining the design style.

The design process will have many steps and more intricate parts, but we want to share the most critical parts with you due to the article’s limitations. If you need to design, print, and produce high-quality, attractive, and customer-attracting cosmetic packaging boxes, please contact us immediately.



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