The professional anti-counterfeiting stamp printing process

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The professional anti-counterfeiting stamp printing process

Currently, on the market, products and goods circulate widely. Along with it, some bad actors produce fake goods of poor quality and put them on the need to take advantage of consumers. Therefore, businesses use anti-counterfeiting stamps to affirm their brands and protect customers’ interests. So what is the anti-counterfeiting logo? How is the anti-counterfeiting stamp printing process? And where to print fast high-quality anti-counterfeiting stamps? All of the above questions will be answered in our article below.

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Print anti-counterfeiting stamps to protect products

Learn about anti-counterfeiting stamps

What is anti-counterfeiting stamp?

Anti-counterfeiting stamp (or called warranty stamp) is a label used only once and considered as a guarantee about the company’s products. Therefore, printing anti-counterfeit stamps builds the company’s brand because the items are deemed genuine when there are anti-counterfeit stamps. This stamp is usually tiny to help seal and keep the product intact before it reaches the consumer. The remarkable thing about anti-counterfeiting stamps is the warranty period.

Anti-counterfeiting stamp classification

Currently, on the market, there are seven popular anti-counterfeiting stamps:

  • Anti-counterfeiting broken stamps
  • Anti-counterfeit stamp 7 colors (Hologram)
  • Anti-counterfeit stamp with water
  • Anti-counterfeit luminescent stamps
  • Anti-counterfeiting 3D stamp
  • Scratch-resistant anti-counterfeiting stamps
  • Anti-counterfeiting stamps using QR Code
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Anti-counterfeiting stamps

The reason for printing anti-counterfeit stamps

Many people are wondering why to print anti-counterfeit stamps. Both manufacturers and consumers benefit from using anti-counterfeiting stamps.

For the manufacturer

Anti-counterfeiting product stamps confirm that they are genuine products of the business. Thanks to that, manufacturers protect their brands and create customer trust. Therefore, it is essential to use anti-counterfeiting stamp printing for goods.

For customers

Customers also rely on anti-counterfeiting stamps to identify fake and fake goods with genuine goods. Therefore, consumers can use products of good quality and safe for themselves and their families.

The anti-counterfeiting stamp printing process

Currently, the anti-counterfeiting stamp printing process is strict about minimizing errors and ensuring the best quality for the output product. Many printing facilities now use Offset technology to print anti-counterfeit stamps. Usually, there are the following steps:

  • Step 1: Design anti-counterfeiting stamps

First, the printing facility will receive the customer’s request, then use professional software such as CDR (Corel), AI, or PSD (Photoshop) to design. After that, the sample will be sent to the customer for confirmation and exchange for reasonable.

  • Step 2: Proceed to print in front of the selected template.

When the two parties agree on a printing pattern, the printing facility will print that design in small quantities. The product sample will be compared with the design sample. Then technicians and experts will check and compare colors, images, quality, .etc. If there are errors, they must be adjusted to ensure the final product has the best quality.

  • Step 3: Carry out mass printing

Once the finished sample has been obtained, the printing company will conduct mass printing to ensure the quantity, delivery time, and product quality. The company uses Offset technology printers to ensure the quality of stamps, colors, and typography.

  • Step 4: Processing after printing and finishing products

After completing the above three steps, the production workshop will process the product. Processing will be different with different types of anti-counterfeiting stamps. The logo will be cut, transferred to the mold, and then carefully packed or boxed.

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The anti-counterfeiting stamp printing process

Where to print high-quality, fast anti-counterfeiting stamps?

Currently, on the market, there are many printing facilities born to serve the production needs of businesses. However, many companies need to print anti-counterfeiting stamps but have not found a facility that matches their requirements. Come to us – Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company will handle all necessities to ensure your satisfaction.

  • With more than ten years of experience in packaging, printing, and a closed production process, we believe we can bring you the best quality products and competitive prices.
  • Together with a professionally trained staff, we will produce anti-counterfeit stamp products with eye-catching designs and harmonious colors, by requirements and with minor errors.
  • Modern machinery with large capacity helps us to complete high-volume printing quickly and on time.

Please get in touch with us immediately to print high-quality anti-counterfeiting stamps quickly and get a free consultation.


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