The trend of sustainable packaging is gaining increasing attention

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The trend of sustainable packaging is gaining increasing attention

Sustainable packaging is an important goal to promote development and create more value for the packaging industry. It is a direction to help brands strengthen brand recognition and support from customers while contributing positively to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Regarding legal regulations, Vietnam is increasingly striving and determined to promote sustainable packaging, reduce negative environmental impacts, and ensure the long-term interests of businesses. According to the 2020 Environmental Protection Law provisions, starting January 2024, businesses will be required to implement Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Accordingly, manufacturers and importers have two responsibilities:

  • (1) Recycling for products and packaging applies to products and packaging with recyclable value.
  • (2) Waste treatment applies to products and packaging containing hazardous substances that are difficult to recycle or challenging to collect and treat.

With the first responsibility, manufacturers and importers will be required to recycle from 2024 onwards. They can choose between two forms: organizing recycling themselves or contributing financial resources to the Vietnam Environmental Protection Fund to support the recycling of products and packaging. In addition, Decision No. 889/QĐ-TTg targets 100% of supermarkets and shopping malls to use environmentally friendly packaging to replace single-use, difficult-to-degrade plastic packaging by 2030. Decree No. 08/2022/NĐ-CP stipulates the types of packaging, technical standards for packaging, and requirements for product labels on packaging, which must disclose information about difficult-to-degrade pollutants in the product.

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Consumer interest in packaging when choosing products (Source: Vietnam Report, Consumer Survey, August 2022 & August 2023)

The transition to sustainable packaging is not just a trend but has become inevitable for businesses in this field. Sustainable packaging regulations not only create many challenges but also bring opportunities for businesses. The agility and flexibility in adapting to this change can help companies to take advantage of the long-term benefits of promoting sustainability in business operations.

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Consumer willingness to pay for environmentally friendly packaging (Source: Vietnam Report, Consumer Survey, August 2023)

On the part of consumers, when it comes to product packaging, they prioritize technical functions. They are particularly interested in information about ingredients, expiration dates, and production dates printed on the product packaging (4.91/5). Immediately after that are food hygiene and safety and secure packaging. Products with packaging that can be reused/decomposed quickly and are non-polluting to the environment are the next priority, above the marketing function of the product.

The sustainability of packaging is becoming increasingly important to consumers. This is evident in a survey by Vietnam Report, which found that 57.4% of consumers are willing to pay more for products with environmentally friendly packaging if the price difference is not too much. 41.1% of consumers would always choose products with environmentally friendly packaging, even if the price is higher.

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The situation of ESG commitments at packaging businesses (Source: Vietnam Report, Packaging Business Survey, August 2023)

On the part of businesses, ESG commitments (Environmental, Social, and Governance) demonstrate the transition to sustainable development of companies. According to a survey by Vietnam Report, 33.8% of packaging businesses have already planned and implemented part of their ESG commitments; 43.8% of companies are in the planning stage; 22.4% of the remaining companies do not have specific plans or have not set ESG commitments.

Therefore, most packaging businesses have approached ESG commitments and built and implemented plans. Considering the environmental aspect alone, recycling and using recycled materials helps reduce waste and natural resource consumption. This also reflects the commitment to implementing EPR in ecological protection and reducing the impact of climate change, especially since this is a mandatory regulation for all businesses in the country.

According to Vietnam Report


Operating under the motto of “Pioneering Quality,” Hoang Vuong consistently aims for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We proudly hold the following certifications:

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With over 13 years of experience in the paper packaging industry and a solid brand reputation, Hoang Vuong is a leading private paper packaging enterprise in Vietnam, partnering with numerous major brands locally and internationally. We accompany your company on the journey of innovation, seeking differentiation through continuous improvement. Your success is both an achievement and motivation for us to continue innovating and maintaining professionalism.

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