Using paper boxes to hold food – the “green” trend!

hộp giấy đựng thực phẩm

Using paper boxes to hold food – the “green” trend!

Hopcungcaocap – Have you ever thought that protecting the environment is a macro-level task requiring much effort and cost? But no, it’s just a matter of changing the habit of using plastic bags with more environmentally friendly products. Among them, we must mention the “green” trend that many organizations, businesses, brands, and individuals are striving to implement to protect the environment by using paper boxes to hold food instead of plastic bags.

hộp giấy đựng thực phẩm

Why should you use paper boxes to hold food?

Fried chicken, fish balls, sausages, salads, cheese sticks, and fried sour pork rolls become more attractive when they are placed in cute, impressive, and luxurious paper boxes.

According to a study by Nielsen Vietnam, when surveying 5 consumers, up to 4 consumers are willing to pay a higher cost for “green” and environmentally friendly products.

So why don’t food processing companies and fast food brands use paper boxes to package their products?

In addition to the advantage of being easily decomposed and environmentally friendly, using paper boxes also creates a beautiful and unique form for the product. Using paper boxes makes it easy, and quick and ensures food safety during transportation.

With low costs, using paper boxes is the optimal choice for businesses to store food, increase the aesthetic value of their brand and create a good impression with their customers.

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Outstanding features of paper boxes when used for food packaging

The following outstanding features of paper boxes demonstrate that using them to package food is a smart choice:

  • Paper boxes are designed from suitable kraft paper material with appropriate thickness to ensure that the box remains square and neat, making the food inside better preserved.
  • Businesses can choose offset 4-color printing technology, request embossing, glossy or matte lamination, or design logos and brand images to enhance aesthetics and carry out effective marketing campaigns. Alternatively, businesses can choose paper box models with popular images and content for various purposes to save costs.
  • Using paper boxes makes it easy to transport food. With just a beautiful paper box and a nylon bag, you can quickly deliver food to customers while still ensuring the food remains hot, crispy, and delicious.

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Where to buy paper boxes for food packaging?

In addition to designing and producing high-quality carton packaging, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging is also a specialized unit in designing and building industrial-style paper boxes for food packaging that are easy to use and environmentally friendly. With a large production and low cost, customers can order paper boxes with 4 to 8 colors to serve their branding needs.

When choosing Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging, customers can be sure to get the most suitable and satisfactory paper box products at a reasonable price!


With over 6 years of experience in the paper packaging industry and having established a reputation for our brand on the market, Hoang Vuong is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that has worked alongside many large domestic and foreign brands.

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