What is Beehive Paper? Basic Knowledge about Beehive Paper


What is Beehive Paper? Basic Knowledge about Beehive Paper

Beehive paper, or the load-bearing bone system, is widely used daily. However, there are still doubts about its quality and superior advantages. Therefore, this article from Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company will summarize all the basic knowledge about Beehive paper that you should know.

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What is Beehive Paper?

Beehive paper is a construction and packaging material. It is often used as a core in standard doors. Typically, it comprises a layer of fiberglass, then shaped into Beehive with paper (hexagonal shape), and finally, another layer of fiberglass.

Based on the definition above, we can conclude that Beehive paper is a type of material with a structure inspired by the structure of a honeycomb (hence the name Beehive paper), with a core made of recycled paper and then wrapped in two layers of paper or fiberglass to create different thicknesses according to the requirements and needs of customers.


Beehive paper was first manufactured and applied in the aircraft industry during World War II. After the war ended, this material was mainly used to reconstruct Europe.

The shortage of building materials, such as wood and bricks… led to the need for a perfect cost-effective substitute material for reconstruction projects. Then, this type of material was strongly developed in North America and gradually became widely used in daily life and popular worldwide.

The Outstanding Advantages of Beehive Paper

Beehive paper fully demonstrates the superiority of a material that has great potential for the future, as evidenced by the following four advantages:

1/ Cost savings

Many businesses prefer these lightweight materials over plastic and wood because they reduce direct and indirect costs. Beehive paper is cheaper to purchase, transport, and package. In addition, the core structure is made entirely of recycled paper and can decompose on its own, saving raw materials and eliminating the need for post-use processing.

2/ Lightweight

Beehive paper is an excellent substitute for wood or concrete, especially in packaging and construction applications. This material is four to five times lighter than wood and ten times lighter than concrete, but it has the same load-bearing capacity as wood and concrete.

3/ Fire-resistant

Beehive paper has a multilayer structure to provide high fire resistance. In addition, accompanying structures such as cement, steel, etc. ensure standard fire resistance. In particular, this type of material is not affected by water and most solvents, making it resistant to decay and corrosion.


4/ Soundproofing and Insulation

Thanks to the beehive structure, beehive paper has better thermal dissipation and soundproofing ability due to the many dead spaces. The best thermal and sound conductivity is solid, followed by liquid, then gas, and finally, vacuum. Therefore, the quiet spaces in the beehive structure can provide excellent soundproofing and insulation.

The Applications of Beehive Paper in Daily Life

With the aforementioned outstanding advantages, beehive paper is increasingly widely applied daily.
is article provides you with all the information you need.

In the handicraft and art industry, beehive paper is used to make tabletops, chair seats, and other simple yet practical decorative items, which are cost-effective and visually appealing.


In the packaging industry, beehive paper is used to make paper pallets or can be used to make shipping containers for goods.

In the mechanical engineering industry, beehive paper is used to make sturdy and secure door cores. Doors made of wood or steel with beehive paper cores ensure aesthetic appeal and provide safety for your home by providing good thermal and sound insulation.

In the construction industry, beehive paper is a new, modern, cost-effective solution that replaces traditional materials completely. It can be used to make soundproof, thermal-insulated walls and partitions.

In summary, these are the basic knowledge that you should know about beehive paper. I hope this article provides you with all the information you need.


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