What is Food Safe Packaging?

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What is Food Safe Packaging?

Packaging is essential to maintaining the quantity and quality of goods and products. Quality packaging is evaluated based on its ability to ensure the food’s safety and hygiene.

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Food packaging typically has the following 3 characteristics: direct contact with food, protection of food, and high-heat resistance for sterilized products. Let’s explore the requirements of these types of packaging through their specific characteristics as follows:

Requirements for packaging in direct contact with food:

The packaging material must be safe, non-toxic, and not retain or release toxic substances during product storage.

No antibacterial substances remain after washing the packaging or ensuring the cleanliness level of the packaging.
properties, aesthetics, etc., of the product.

The composition of the packaging that directly contains the product does not have any chemical changes during food preservation, affecting the internal quality.

Requirements for protective packaging of food:

Must ensure absolute moisture and leak resistance.

Ensure the protection of the nutritional values, vitamins present in the food.

Do not alter the food; prevent bacteria from entering.

No changes in physical properties that protect the shape, sensory properties, aesthetics, etc., of the product.


Requirements for packaging for sterilized products

The packaging of sterilized or frozen products requires a high level of heat resistance and pressure resistance, specifically:

The packaging material must not undergo any chemical or physical changes in the above conditions to ensure the absolute safety and hygiene of the food during processing and storage.

Packaging for food is one of the factors that determines the quality of the food inside. Therefore, food packaging must be thoroughly tested in all aspects, such as:

The materials used to produce the product packaging.

The colorants used for printing on the packaging.

For types of food packaging that can be heated at high temperatures in a microwave oven, the ink used for printing on the packaging must have even stricter safety requirements.

Choosing packaging for goods is already important, but the packaging for food products is even more critical. Food packaging serves a marketing role and, more importantly, must ensure safety. Businesses should be aware of this when choosing packaging for their products.


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