What is graphic design?

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What is graphic design?

Hopcungcaocap, when you’re on the street, in a supermarket, or browsing the web, you’ll come across promotional materials like billboards, TV commercials, e-commerce websites, sales, or simply packaging with eye-catching designs. That’s precisely the product of graphic design. So what is graphic design, what fields is it applied in, and what role does it play in sales and brand image building? Let’s explore the following content with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a specialized field in the art industry that maximizes creativity and aesthetic sense to create unique, impressive, and beautiful design “products” based on initial requirements and directions before designing.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, graphic design is well-supported by computers and software, making the artworks increasingly diverse, beautiful, and creatively boundless.

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Applications of graphic design

Currently, graphic design is applied to:

  • Designing print materials: book covers, magazine covers, posters, flyers, brochures, billboards, business cards, and other printed materials.
  • Web design
  • Film and video design: CD, DVD, clips, short movies, etc.
  • Brand design: logos, brand identity…
  • Packaging design for products

The Role of graphic design in Sales and brand building

The role of graphic design (hereinafter referred to as “design”) is becoming increasingly important in life.

For a long time, selling was no longer as simple as bringing products to the market or displaying them in stores for customers to visit and shop. Nowadays, selling has developed in a new direction: selling many products to different target groups in other geographic areas without customers having to come to the store to make a purchase. This is e-commerce in the 4.0 era, in which design plays a crucial role.

From advertising design and printed materials to introduce products and brands to customers or potential customers to website design – an online store where customers can freely explore, admire creations, and make purchases without going far. That’s why nowadays, you’ll come across countless advertising materials with eye-catching, impressive designs that convey meaningful messages when you’re on the street.

The design also plays an indispensable role in the production of product packaging. Because product packaging is a highly effective marketing tool businesses cannot ignore, it saves costs. Beautiful, attractive product packaging is the factor that increases revenue and contributes to building and reinforcing the image of the business in the customer’s mind.

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The image of a company is also reflected through name cards, brochures, signs, standees, employee cards, and products on social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, which are the “stage” of the design process.

Design helps to present ideas and messages that are sometimes difficult to express in words. It can be an image with multiple meanings, a short clip about the brand’s story, or other materials that help businesses convey their message. From there, businesses build a more profound image in the minds of their customers.

As we can see, graphic design plays a very important role in sales, brand image building, and our daily lives. If you study design and can create unique products independently, that is great. However, if you want to design packaging or other materials but cannot do it yourself, contact Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging immediately.

Thiết kế đồ hoạ chuyên nghiệp

In addition to producing high-quality packaging products, we support customers with graphic design to create the most beautiful and customer-friendly products!


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