What is paper packaging? Classification and production process of paper packaging

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What is paper packaging? Classification and production process of paper packaging

With the alarming environmental pollution situation today, the trend of consumers is to focus on environmentally friendly products. And paper packaging, with its superior advantages, attracts the attention of many customer groups. Let’s explore information related to this product in the following article!

Bao bì cartonLearn about paper packaging.

To understand more about this product, we will go through concepts, advantages, applications, etc., through the following information:

What is paper packaging?

As the name suggests, they are made from paper for packaging and preserving goods. Packaging with beautiful designs helps brands leave a mark in customers’ minds and protects products from collisions during transportation.

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Paper Kraft packaging model

Advantages and Applications

Paper packaging is often chosen as a replacement for commonly seen plastic packaging. Here are the advantages that make this product so popular:

  • (1) The paper material is easy to decompose and can be recycled, making it environmentally friendly.
  • (2) It has good load-bearing capacity, protecting products during transportation.
  • (3) It has good waterproof and moisture-resistant properties, making it suitable for packaging powder products.
  • (4) It has diverse patterns and colors that can highlight the brand image.
  • (5) It has a low cost.

Thanks to these advantages, paper packaging is widely applied in many fields in life, especially in industries such as fertilizers, construction, chemicals, etc.

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Sample of paper packaging for pharmaceuticals

Common types of paper packaging

Here are the popular types of paper packaging that are currently favored in the market:

  • (1) Premium paper packaging: Usually used to package dairy products. Due to the susceptibility of dairy products to spoilage and fermentation, there are high standards for product packaging. Premium paper packaging meets these requirements.
  • (2) Carton paper packaging: This is the most common type of packaging in the market. These can be seen in agricultural products, soft drinks, consumer goods, etc.
  • (3) Box-shaped paper packaging: This type of packaging is more minor than carton packaging. However, they require high standards for product design and appearance.
  • (4) 3-5 layer Kraft paper packaging: This type of packaging is often applied in particular fields such as construction, chemicals, etc. These are industries affected by soil, dust, etc., to protect the materials inside from leakage, not affecting their quality.
  • (5) KP paper packaging: These comprise 3 to 5 layers of Kraft paper, with an additional layer of PP plastic on the outside to better preserve and transport the products.

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Paper packaging for food

Production process

To produce beautiful packaging products, companies often have to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: The paper roll is put into a dewatering machine to be compressed into paper sheets, the first finished product paper.
  • Step 2: The paper sheets are fed into a printing press, using the flexo printing method to produce the second finished product paper.
  • Step 3: After printing, the paper goes through stamping and cutting machines to form carton sheets.
  • Step 4: After completion, they are put into stapling and box sealing machines to complete the production process.
  • Step 5: Quality control of the products and delivery to customers for acceptance.

Above are the contents we want to share with customers about paper packaging and related information. We hope this will provide you with more exciting details on this product. If you have any questions about the product, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and support.


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