What is special about the process of making high-end rigid boxes?

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What is special about the process of making high-end rigid boxes?

Making high-end, rigid boxes, requires going through many meticulous and precise stages. That is why there must be a specialized unit to manufacture rigid boxes to meet the needs of businesses. To better understand this issue, let’s explore who regularly uses rigid boxes and how the production process for rigid box packaging works!

Hộp cứng cao cấp

Making a high-quality rigid box requires going through many meticulous and precise stages.

The typical users of high-end, rigid boxes.

High-end, rigid boxes are packaging for high-value products. They demonstrate luxury and make a lasting impression on the recipient. Currently, there are many types of rigid boxes available to serve specific target audiences better:

1. Businesses

Firstly, businesses that deal with various products use high-end packaging to protect the contents and help customers visualize the outcome. In addition, this is also a tool to create a unique brand identity with customers.

Next are businesses that use gift boxes for partners and customers. They can operate in many fields, and giving gifts is a form of gratitude to thank those who have been with them over time.

Hộp cứng cao cấp

Hard boxes are packaging for high-value products.

2. People who want to give gifts to friends and family

Although they are individual consumers, they make up the majority of the market for using high-end boxes. They want to give surprise gifts to those who are truly important. Therefore, using high-end boxes is a way to express their heartfelt feelings to the recipient.

Hộp quà tặng cao cấp

Using high-end boxes is a way of expressing one’s love and emotions to the recipient.

The process of making high-end boxes.

To ensure quality and meet customers’ tastes, the detailed production process is as follows:

1. Identify needs or research customers’ general preferences

For customized box orders, the service provider must first consult with the customer on several issues: design ideas, size, product weight, type of paper to be used, decoration style, and surface treatment method.

For producing boxes for the market, the sales department must go to the need to research issues such as how customers use the product, which types of high-end box models are popular, outstanding designs and patterns of this year… After compiling all the information, the next stage can be carried out.

2. Box design

Based on the information collected, the design team will proceed to design according to the requirements that have been previously set. After completing the complete model will be reviewed one last time before moving to the next step.

3. Making the sample

Print a sample to evaluate color, print quality and select materials that are suitable for the needs of the market and customers. If it is a custom order, it must be confirmed by the customer before proceeding to mass printing.

4. Printing

Once the print has met all requirements, it will be printed in bulk according to the requested size and dimensions. During printing, continuous checking is still performed to ensure no interruptions or issues.

5. Surface treatment

This step is to complete the outer surface of the high-end, rigid box with some surface treatment methods such as gloss lamination, glossy varnish, UV varnish, etc.

6. Shaping the product

This is the final step to complete a high-end, rigid box after the cover has been mounted and the hardcover has been trimmed. When finished, the hard box will be delivered directly to the customer or delivered to the selling agents for distribution in the market.


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