What’s so special about moving cartons?

Thùng carton chuyển nhà

What’s so special about moving cartons?

When you need to move out of the house, packing your belongings safely to your new home is a top concern for homeowners. The birth of moving cartons will solve this concern of customers. So does this carton work? Where to buy goods? The following article will help you answer the above questions.

Thùng carton chuyển nhà

Carton sample for moving house

Should you use cartons to move house?

For the furniture to be safely transported to the new home, the carton is the essential product that cannot be missing.

Moving cartons can be used to store books, decorations, items, electronic components, fragile items, etc. It can be seen that the benefits of cartons are many when keeping things safe, even as there is no place to store them.

  • (1) Protect your belongings safely, not scratched, or damaged during transportation.
  • (2) Minimize the direct contact and collision of furniture with walls, stairs, car trunks, etc., so the original quality of the furniture should be preserved.
  • (3) When arranging, it will help classify furniture quickly, easily, and conveniently, avoiding lost and wasted time searching.
  • (4) The box is light in weight and has a variety of sizes and designs, so it is suitable for all items.

Sử dụng thùng carton đóng gói đồ đạc là sự lựa chọn hợp lý!

Using cartons to pack furniture is a reasonable choice.

Where to buy cartons for moving house?

In today’s market, ordering moving cartons in small quantities but with high quality will undoubtedly face many difficulties. Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. has been a prestigious address for many years in the market of producing cartons, paper bags, paper packaging, .etc

We have served many retail customers and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. You will be assured entirely when choosing cartons manufactured by Hoang Vuong thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

  • (1) Quality guaranteed.
  • (2) Competitive price.
  • (3) Ready to supply all large and small orders.
  • (4) Diverse package sizes, many sizes.
  • (5) 24/7 customer support to answer any questions or problems.

Mua thùng carton khi cần chuyển nhà ở đâu uy tín?

Cartons are lightweight and diverse in size and design, so they are suitable for storing all kinds of items.

Notes when using

Using a moving carton also requires a secret, not just putting things in the box. Specifically:

  • (1) It is recommended to use multi-layer tape to tightly seal the bottom of the carton first to ensure that the box does not burst during transportation.
  • (2) Large crates should store large but light items such as plastic items, clothes, pillows, etc. Do not put heavy items in the box; it will make it cumbersome, difficult to carry, and easy to tear when moving.
  • (3) Small boxes should hold heavy items such as books, dishes, etc.
  • (4) You should classify your belongings carefully; you can use a pen to make notes on the outside of the box about the items inside for easy finding later.
  • (5) Should cut two more small boxes on the side of the box as handles. Thus, when carrying, transporting will be more convenient.
  • (6) When moving house in the rainy season, it is recommended to wrap more plastic bags outside to limit water infiltration.

The above is essential information for customers to understand the importance of moving cartons. Please get in touch with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd if you need advice and carton quotes.


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