When Designing and Printing Warranty Labels, Businesses Should Pay Attention to This

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When Designing and Printing Warranty Labels, Businesses Should Pay Attention to This

Every product produced by businesses needs to have a warranty label, which is of utmost importance in ensuring the product’s credibility and the company’s image.

If you have ever noticed packaging and labels, you are probably familiar with warranty labels. When shopping for any goods, the first thing you care about is whether the product still has a warranty sticker, which indicates the date of warranty of the product, helping us distinguish between fake and genuine products. It also plays a very important role for companies and businesses.

in tem nhãnWarranty labels have various names, such as paper fold labels, seal labels, breakable labels, etc., depending on each region and locality. Sometimes it is seen as a sign to identify the company’s brand and distinguish between this product and other products. Warranty labels are quite small in size and are only used once for a product. The paper used to print warranty stickers is fragile and easily broken to ensure the credibility of the business and the product. Once the sticker is peeled off, it cannot be reattached.

When designing warranty stickers, it is essential to pay attention to specific content, such as the company logo, warranty period, and contact information, if necessary. These are important and necessary things to ensure business efficiency for businesses.

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Note on color and color durability: The most important thing when designing a warranty label is the color durability and lifespan of the label according to the warranty period. This factor will show customers’ safety, credibility, and trust in your product. Products with warranty labels will always receive more customer attention than those without tags. The warranty label will be one of the factors that promote the business efficiency of the enterprise.

Company logo: The logo is the sign to identify your brand to customers. So don’t forget to show your logo when designing the warranty label. The logo is also a way to differentiate your business products from other businesses.

Warranty period: It is what any customer is interested in and concerned about. Customers are usually interested in the time that the product is warranted, within 1 year or 2 years…that is the buyer’s benefit, and they need to know.

Shape of the warranty label: Before printing the warranty label, the business should design a particular shape to stick on the product. It could be a rectangle, square, circle, or ellipse, depending on your product’s requirements, preferences, and suitability.


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