Where can I print high-quality, cheap decal paper labels?

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Where can I print high-quality, cheap decal paper labels?

Hopcungcaocap – You have products that are true of high quality and will definitely satisfy customers when used. However, you also understand that in addition to quality, the design, packaging, and labels are essential factors that directly affect the product and indirectly affirm the brand’s professionalism, so you have chosen decal paper labels for your product. You need to find a high-quality, cheap decal paper label printing company. If so, this article will surely be helpful to you.

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Types of decal label printing materials

Many types of materials are used to print labels, each with characteristics suitable for different types of goods and usage environments. Therefore, you need to learn about the types of label printing materials and their characteristics to make the most suitable choice, specifically:

  • Decal paper: is one of the popular materials for printing labels. They are white papers that can be torn easily. Therefore, this material is often suitable for products in a safe environment, not exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as supermarkets, bookstores, .etc. Typically, people use decal paper with wax or wax resin ink to get the best product.
  • Plastic decal: this white material cannot be torn and has a smooth surface. The characteristic of this material is that it can withstand harsh environments, so it is often used for products in the refrigeration, electronics industry,.etc.
  • Silver foil decal: is characterized by its hardness, durability, and not easy to tear, fade, or scratch, so it is preferred for use in the automotive, motorcycle, and electronics industries. Similarly to the two types of materials above, silver foil decals printed with resin ink will have the best quality.
  • Thermal decal: has a matte white color and can be torn. Labels printed with this type of decal usually have a beautiful print quality and high adhesion, so they are often chosen for use in the postal and courier industries.

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Additionally, there are many other printing materials suitable for various purposes, but within the limits of this article, we cannot mention them all.

Basic requirements for printing decal paper labels:

Like other types of labels, paper labels are a sign to identify products and an effective marketing tool that saves business costs. A beautiful label, designed with professional printing, will create a good impression with customers, increasing the chances of selling products.

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With its easy-to-tear feature, paper labels must be stored safely, avoiding collisions and exposure to harsh weather. Therefore, when printing this type of label, it is necessary to pay attention to the following basic requirements:

  • The label design must provide sufficient basic information while ensuring uniqueness and impressiveness.
  • The image and print quality should be sharp, with colors that are not smudged, blurred or faded.
  • The appropriate printing technology should be used depending on the size and quantity of labels.

Where to get high-quality, affordable decal paper stickers printed?

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing high-end product packaging with many years of experience. Especially we also provide design and printing services for all types of paper label stickers on any material, such as various types of decal stickers, anti-counterfeit stickers, breakable stickers, tin stickers, and printing on moisture-resistant paper with sharp and affordable quality, with attentive and thorough advice.

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