Where to print high-end hard boxes?

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Where to print high-end, rigid boxes?

Paper boxes are an intelligent and optimal choice for businesses of all sizes. Paper boxes help us protect the environment, take your brand everywhere, and create beautiful images in customers’ hearts. But where should you choose to print high-end cardboard boxes? The answer will be in this article!

Paper boxes help protect the environment and take your brand everywhere.

Why should you use paper boxes and paper bags?

Did you know that the habit of using plastic bags has, is, and will cause dire consequences to our Earth?

Estimates show that saving eight plastic bags is enough energy to run a car for 1km. But we are wasting oil resources to produce plastic bags. Eliminating plastic bags will help the Earth save a considerable amount of resources. A plastic bag now costs about 200 VND, and we waste about 28.8 billion VND per day to use this toxic and environmentally polluting type of bag.

In addition, every year, many marine creatures die because they cannot distinguish plastic bags floating in the ocean or lakes. In the US, up to 25 children die each year from suffocation caused by being trapped in plastic bags. In Vietnam, many people still habitually use plastic bags to hold hot food without realizing they can release heavy metals that cause cancer. Therefore, on September 20, 2014, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued a directive to strictly manage the use of plastic bags by citizens and traders.

Therefore, stopping using plastic and paper bags and boxes is an innovative, practical, and optimal choice for small and large businesses nationwide. Paper bags and boxes are made from environmentally friendly materials, safe for users’ health. Printing patterns, colors, company names, logos, and slogans on paper bags and boxes are also an effective and cost-saving PR method.
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Paper boxes are environmentally friendly.

Choosing a reputable and professional rigid box printing company

Using paper boxes brings many practical benefits to businesses and protects our living environment. However, with hundreds of thousands of printing and manufacturing services available today, you must carefully research and choose a reputable production company to have quality products. Therefore, you should consider the following:

(1) Choosing a company with many years of experience in the field and has worked with large brands

Companies with years of experience working with large brands will quickly grasp your needs and desires and anticipate potential issues. They will have a professional production and printing system and transparent work processes, a prerequisite for producing the most suitable and high-quality products.

(2) Choosing a professional and responsible company to work with

Responsible and experienced companies will not let you fall into a situation of delayed delivery, affecting the project’s progress. They will best meet customers’ requirements, be careful and ensure accuracy in each product. Typically, reputable and professional companies will provide services at reasonable prices with quality products to build their brand image, so you will not worry about price squeezing.

Meeting the above criteria, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging is always trusted by customers and has received positive feedback when cooperating with leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Dove, Foodpanda, Givi, .etc. We will satisfy customers by producing high-quality rigid boxes with diverse designs and the best customer service.

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The premium paper box products from Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging.


With over 10 years of operation in the paper packaging industry and having built a reputation for its brand in the market, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that has accompanied many large brands both domestically and internationally.

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. always accompanies your company on the journey of seeking creativity and innovation. Your success is our achievement and motivation to continue to be more creative and professional.

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