Which premium rigid box is currently the most popular?

hộp quà tặng cao cấp

Which premium rigid box is currently the most popular?

Are you looking to make a premium rigid box but don’t know what types are available and which one to choose? In this article, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging will help you find the answer!

1. Hardcover book box with window

This is one of the premium rigid box models that has been quite popular recently. This box can hold many different gifts, from cakes jewelry, health care products and tea… bringing convenience to customers.
The rigid box is used to hold many different gifts, bringing convenience to customers.

Hộp nữ trang cao cấp

A rigid box is used to hold various gifts, bringing convenience to customers.

(1) In terms of materials, the product is made from couche paper and cold cardboard. These are the best paper materials to create luxurious and high-end paper boxes. Offset printing technology is used to bring bright colors along with sharp and delicate images. Then, OPP lamination is applied to ensure quality and durability. When packaged into a complete box, you will see the sophistication and class that it brings.

(2) In terms of size, depending on the needs of customers and the gift inside, printing workshops will flexibly design. You can buy ready-made boxes or make them to fit your specific purpose.

(3) In terms of design, the top lid can be opened conveniently and looks like a window. To increase the aesthetic value, designers can use glass on the top to allow for a clear view of the gift inside, which is very convenient

2. Yin-Yang hardcover box

Although this product has recently been introduced, it has received high customer praise for its design, aesthetic appeal, and practicality. You can place gifts inside this gift box for friends, family, or business partners, such as clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and handbags. The facility adds sophistication and creates a positive impression on the recipient.

The product is designed with a separate body and lid. You can open the gift box with a simple gesture to express your affection and gratitude. Made from couche paper and cold cardboard, the gift box is sturdy and can withstand the weight to protect the gift inside during transportation.

Hộp cứng cao cấp

The Yin and Yang rigid cardboard box is designed with a separate body and lid.

In addition, the elegant color, good printing quality, and simple design are also a plus for this product. The box size can be customized based on the customer’s needs. Furthermore, many different Yin-Yang box models are available on the market, giving customers more options.

3. Premium hardcover box for books with a hinged lid

If you plan to give wine, tea, or precious medicine as a gift, you should not miss out on this gift box design. The reason is that the creation of this product is very suitable for holding such facilities outside. In terms of design, it looks pretty similar to the hardcover book box, but the main difference is in the lid, which is equipped with a magnetic closure. Its function is to keep the gift inside fixed and not skewed. If, unfortunately, it has to be carried far away, it can still be kept safe.

hộp quà tặng cao cấp

The lid of the box is equipped with a magnetic closure.

In terms of materials, the hardcover book box with a hinged lid is made from art paper and stiff cardboard. Combining these two materials provides just enough stiffness while still ensuring softness and refinement. Moreover, when using offset printing technology with one color, art paper will bring a product with eye-catching colors and patterns with almost absolute accuracy. It is both elegant and reasonably priced, making it a reliable choice for customers.


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